There is no requirement to check in upon arrival. Sites are patrolled routinely. Please have a copy or screenshot of your reservation confirmation upon arrival. There is a site map located at Late arrivals who call after hours asking for site directions are subject to a $10.00 assistance fee.

There is a limit of 1 vehicle per site. All extra vehicles are to be parked in the grassy lot to the west of the flower filled canoe at the entrance. This is directly across from the playground.

Additional vehicles on site are subject to a maintenance fee of $10.00 per vehicle. Exceptions are made for valid handicap license holders.


Tent sites are FIRST come FIRST serve. You may arrive any time after 2 pm. Tent sites are NOT labeled. You simply pick a site according to our map at These sites are located to the right upon entry, just before the gravel driveway, and directly on the river front.

Do NOT set up on any numbered sites (7B, 8, 9, or 10) as those are trailer sites.

If you require electric, it is recommended you bring your own outdoor electrical cords and a 30 amp to 110 V adapter. These can be purchased online or at local Walmart. We do have loaners available provided you return them upon your departure. Adapters that are not returned are subject to a $50.00 fine.

You are welcome to move picnic tables. Please do NOT move fire rings. If you are caught moving a fire ring you are subject to a $50.00 fine.

There is a limit of 1 vehicle per site. All extra vehicles are to be parked in the grassy lot across from the playground.


On-site sale of firewood is subject to availability.

You are welcome to bring your own firewood provided it is locally sourced from Indiana. If your firewood is sourced from out of state, it is strictly prohibited to burn that firewood. This prevents the spread of disease and protects our forest.

Please de-bark all firewood.

Firewood can also be purchased locally at several stores including R&P home, Walmart, and Gas stations.

For more information please contact or research the emerald ash borer for better understanding of this policy.


1. Quiet hours are between 11 pm and 8 am.

2. Check in time is 2 pm, Check out time is 11 am. Except Sundays, late checkout is 4 pm.

3. Overnight campers must be 21 and over, or accompanied by an adult.

4. No more than 4 adults per tent site. Children under the age of 18 are excluded, and may use 1 additional tent per site.

5. Speed limit throughout the campground is 10 MPH

6. The use of playground equipment is at your own risk. Not responsible for accidents or injuries. Play area is for guests of Tippecanoe River Run only. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. No one over the age of 16 is allowed to use equipment, unless assisting younger children. No rough playing or inappropriate behavior or jumping off slides and equipment. No glass bottles in play area. No smoking at or near the playground. No parking in front of equipment.

7. Overnight campers are not allowed to bring a golf cart, UNLESS it is used for handicap purposes. All operators must have a valid drivers license and must adhere to the vehicles occupancy limits.

8. All fires must be kept in designated fire rings. Fire rings for tenants need to be in a permanent location. You are responsible for cleaning your ring regularly. Tenant may not have a fire that exceeds 3 x 5 feet. Do not burn trash. Tenant must extinguish all fires prior to leaving the property.

9. There is a limit of 1 vehicle per campsite. Overflow may be parked at the entrance of the campground to the west of the playground. Exceptions (e.g. handicapped visitors) must obtain approval from the Landlord or camp hosts. Violators will be fined and asked to move.

10. Unruly, rowdy, immoral, lascivious or intolerable behavior is not allowed on the property.

11. Trash is to be removed daily. You are responsible for leaving your assigned site as you found it. Dumpster is located at the entrance of the campground.

12. Fishing near the river is allowed as long as Tenant and Guests are following regulations set forth by Indiana DNR. This includes fishing permits. Fishing at the pond near the red barn is NOT allowed. No Fishing at the boat launch.

13. Kayaking, canoeing or boating is allowed as long as Tenant and Guests are following regulations set forth by Indiana DNR. This includes safety vest regulations. When using the boat entrance, please be respectful and safe.

14. Swimming, or any and all river activity is at your own risk. There is NO lifeguard on duty. Landlord is NOT responsible for any injury, death, or accident.

15. Restrooms are for TRR guests only. Be responsible and respectful when sharing the shower houses with others. Anyone caught abusing, destroying or vandalizing the area will be asked to leave permanently.

16. Smoking is not allowed within 8 feet of the playground, restrooms, or pavilion. Dispose of cigarettes in a respectful and safe manner.

17. Fireworks are prohibited.

18. Respect Nature. Do not remove or attempt to harm any animals. If you have a suspected pest, please inform the Landlord immediately. Do not cut or remove any trees, flowers, shrubs, or vegetation.

19. NO Tenant is allowed to have more than 2 pets on the property. All pets must be on a leash when outside and under owner’s sole control. Pets who cause a commotion, disturbance or injury will be asked to leave. Guest must clean up after pet. Guest is responsible for any claim, losses or damage caused by his or her pet. If there is an injury involving your pet, Owner reserves the right to ask for vaccination records to submit to the state health department. Exotic pets are prohibited.

20. There is to be no installation of outside structures such as decks, sheds, or digging in any form.

21. No on-site car washing.

22. Parents are responsible for any and all damages caused by children.

23. Motorized bikes, scooters, and hoverboards are prohibited.

24. Charging of electric vehicles on-site is strictly prohibited.

25. Campground Host(s) have the authority to enforce all the above rules & regulations and to notify law enforcement.

If you see or have a complaint of another camper violating these rules and regulations you may text 765-434-8481 at any hour. Please include your name, site, and a description of the person, vehicle or unit violating. Here at TRR we value community, and it takes ALL of us to ensure we have a safe, family-friendly campground.