Campground Rules

1. Quiet hours are between 11 pm and 8 am.

2. Check in time is 2 pm, Check out time is 11 am. Except Sundays, checkout is 5 pm.

3. Overnight campers must be 21 and over, or accompanied by an adult.

4. No more than 4 adults per tent site. Children under the age of 18 are excluded, and may use 1 additional tent per site.

5. Speed limit throughout the campground is 10 MPH

6. The use of playground equipment is at your own risk. Not responsible for accidents or injuries. Play area is for guests of Tippecanoe River Run only. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. No one over the age of 16 is allowed to use equipment, unless assisting younger children. No rough playing or inappropriate behavior or jumping off slides and equipment. No glass bottles in play area. No smoking at or near the playground. No parking in front of equipment.

7. All fires must be kept in designated fire rings. Fire rings for tenants need to be in a permanent location. You are responsible for cleaning your ring regularly. Tenant may not have a fire that exceeds 3 x 5 feet. Do not burn trash. You must extinguish all fires prior to leaving the property.

9. There is a limit of 1 vehicle per campsite. Overflow may be parked at the entrance of the campground to the west of the playground. Exceptions (e.g. handicapped visitors) must obtain approval from the office. Violators will be asked to move.

10. Unruly, rowdy, immoral, lascivious or intolerable behavior is not allowed on the property.

11. Trash is to be removed daily. You are responsible for leaving your assigned site as you found it. Dumpster is located at the entrance of the campground.

12. Fishing near the river is allowed as long as camper follows the regulations set forth by Indiana DNR. This includes fishing permits. Fishing at the pond near the red barn is NOT allowed. No Fishing at the boat launch.

13. Kayaking, canoeing or boating is allowed as long as Tenant and Guests are following regulations set forth by Indiana DNR. This includes safety vest regulations. When using the boat entrance, please be respectful and safe.

14. Swim at your own risk. There is NO lifeguard on duty. Landlord is NOT responsible for any injury, death, or accident.

15. Restrooms are for paying guests only. Be responsible and respectful when sharing the shower houses with others. Anyone caught abusing, destroying or vandalizing the area will be asked to leave.

16. Smoking is not allowed within 8 feet of the playground, restrooms, or shelter. Dispose of cigarettes in a respectful and safe manner.

17. Fireworks are prohibited.

18. Respect Nature. Do not remove or attempt to harm any animals. If you have a suspected pest, please inform the office immediately. Do not cut or remove any trees, flowers, shrubs, or vegetation.

19. Pet policy. No more than 2 pets on the property. All pets must be on a leash when outside and under owner’s sole control. Pets who cause a commotion, disturbance or injury will be asked to leave. Owner must clean up after pet. Camper is responsible for any claim, losses or damage caused by any pet. If there is an injury involving your pet, Tippecanoe River Run reserves the right to ask for vaccination records to submit to the state health department. Exotic pets are prohibited. Exotic pets include but not limited to: pigs, snakes, lizards, and birds.

20. No digging or installation of temporary or permanent structures such as awnings or decks.

22. Guest is to maintain his/her camper/trailer/RV and assigned lot. Sites are to be kept clean of trash and debris. Owner/Operator reserves the right to inspect any campsite.

23. Car washing is prohibited.

24. Parents are responsible for any and all damages caused by children.

25. Motorized bikes, scooters, and hoverboards are prohibited.

26. Campground Host(s) have the authority to enforce all the above rules & regulations and to notify law enforcement.