Opening Day, Coming Up.

Opening day is right around the corner.  We have been working hard in preparation for everyone’s arrival.  Seasonal campers should have received an updated letter in their mail  by this weekend.

Eric has completed the installation of the campground sign. We are thrilled with it, and have received a lot of compliments. Thank you everyone for your kind words. Landscaping that area is a summer project that we are hoping complete. You will notice two smaller signs, and a new American flag have been installed.

Another addition is the lending library. Reading is so important to us and our children. We decided to extend it into the campground as well. Jim, my father custom made this for us so be sure to thank him if you see him around.  It is gorgeous, and we are so happy to offer this to our campers. A special thanks to the Fulton County Public Library, Sharon Foust and Susan Goble for donating several books. It is nearly full! Please, stop by and enjoy a book at your leisure.

The electrician has been out there nearly everyday for weeks. He has installed new electrical boxes and meters on nearly every site. It looks great. Currently the river area is flooded up to the primitive sites. This is hindering our efforts of installing new electrical outlets to that area. The guys have spent the last two days trenching and laying power lines underground. That will be a huge benefit to have underground power lines.

Most of the trees we cut down have been cut up and split, so again firewood will be available for sale on site this year. What else would you guys like to see available for sale on site?






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