What is new at TRR?

Wondering what is new at Tippecanoe River Run? What do we do all winter while we are “Closed?”

You would think that being a campground we would have the winter off while we are closed. However, that is far from the truth. While we are still not as busy. we do find ourselves working behind the scenes.

This off season we managed to score a few loads of river rock and we are excited to make a designated boat ramp out of it for boaters. No more walking up the bank with muddy feet.

We’ve also been working on some updates to the bath houses. It is not completed, but our vision is coming together and we hope to have it refinished for the 2018 season. What would you like to see in the bathhouses?

Marketing has been taking up a large portion of our time this off season. We recently listed our information on google maps. In addition, Sarah has become a member of the Fulton County Tourism Board.

Then, if we are really out of things to do,  there is always firewood to split.

We’ve been busy, but we are so blessed to live this life.

-Sarah & Eric Straeter



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